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How to auto-crop video

New Freemake Video Converter lets crop videos automatically. Get your movies and TV videos without black bars fast & easily. 250+ formats supported! Download Freemake Video Converter with Gold Pack here.

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Get Gold Pack

Video crop option is available only for Gold Pack owners. To get Gold Pack, download and install Video Converter from Then activate Gold Pack features in Help -> Get Gold Pack.

Add video with black bars

Add a video where you'd like to remove black bars. The software will ask you if you'd like to auto-crop black bars from all your files. Choose "Delete black bars". If you chose "Keep black bars" by mistake or closed this form, go to Options ->Black bars and change your choice.

Save video

Black bars will be removed automatically. To save the changes, convert the video. Choose a format, then preset "Same as source", and hit "Convert".