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How to convert WAV to MP3 free

WAV or Waveform Audio File Format is often used for classic music tracks. But iPhone and Android don't support it. Freemake Audio Converter can convert WAV songs to MP3 free and fast. Convert any WAV tracks to MP3 format for your PC, phone, car sound system, or MP3 players. See how to convert WAV to MP3 with great free audio converter!

FAC download

Step 1. Add WAV tracks

Download and install free software. Run Freemake Audio Converter and add all WAV files you want to convert to MP3 using "+Audio" button.

Step 2. Choose "to MP3"

Click "to MP3" and choose a ready preset. We recommend you "Optimal quality". Select "Export to iTunes" to add the songs to iTunes media library.

Step 3. Convert WAV to MP3

Click "Convert" to convert WAV files to MP3.

Convert M4A to MP3 and OGG and MP3 in the same way.