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How to upload MP3 to YouTube

Combine songs and images & upload them directly to YouTube with Freemake.
Make superb audio visualizations with ready templates for your music recordings.

Best Way to Upload MP3 to YouTube in 2017

How to upload MP3 to YouTube? Follow 3 steps to upload MP3 to YouTube:

  1. Get Freemake software
  2. Select MP3
  3. Upload MP3 to YouTube

FVC button

Add MP3

Browse for the audio track you'd like to upload to YouTube using the "+Audio" button.

Choose an image

Double-click on your audio track to open the editor. Select a visualization or upload a picture for your MP3, click "Ok".

Upload MP3 to YouTube

Click "to YouTube", enter your login and password, and click "Upload".

Upload any video, DVD or even photos to YouTube in the same way.